Bring the art of Hygge in your home...

If you have not heard of hygge the general consensus is that hygge (hoo ga or hue ga) is the Danish art of comfort, creating a sanctuary, warmth, and enjoying the little things in life.


With comfort being one of the top trends in 2019 and with more and more people finding the stress of their fast-paced lifestyles intruding on their home lives, it is no surprise to find so many people adopting the art of hygge into their homes.


Peter Green Furnishers has plenty of products in store this season to fill your home with hygge during the gloomy winter months. We recommend discovering our range of aromatherapy candles, comfortable throw blankets, a cosy sofa, or a piece of clean lined minimalist furniture that sparks joy.


During our biggest Winter Sale yet, we have the perfect ranges to help create ambiance at your dinner table in the evening, cosy up with a good book or to have a relaxing quiet morning.


Get it all, at Peter Green Furnishers!

6th April 2020

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