Practically perfect in every way. The benefits of luxury vinyl flooring...

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has grown in popularity over the last few years. Most home owners are desiring an elegant flooring, which will last through the years, at an inexpensive price tag. Most home owners thought that it was impossible to tick all the boxes, until this latest innovation appeared on the market.


It is a type of vinyl flooring that is made in planks or tiles, rather than traditional sheet vinyl, which means that it can be laid down in endless designs and patterns. 


Current flooring trends are seeing custom flooring murals, as an accent to a room where a carpet or an area rug may not be suitable. LVT can also be laid in the ever so popular herringbone or parquet pattern, as well as check, or pretty much any pattern that would suit your home. 


LVT is made up of a series of layers which usually consist of: backing, stability, photograph, embossed protection layer, and a surface protection layer.


The backing allows the tile to adhere securely to the subfloor, the stability layer helps the tile to resist indentation, the photographic layer is an HD which shows all of the texture, and beautiful colours of the material the LVT is imitating, the two protection layers, add depth and texture to the tile, while also protecting from chipping, scratching, denting or wearing. This type of flooring is far more durable than natural wood, stone or ceramic tile. 

At Peter Green, we offer a large selection of famous brands like Amtico, Distinctive Flooring, Vusta, Westex and even our own Hampshire Collection. LVT allows you the luxury of your dream flooring without the price tag, and it will last a lifetime… or until you discover your next flooring goals.

15th April 2020

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