Peter Green: Doing What Comes Naturally!

We are thrilled to announce that natural materials are all the rage these days as we are seeing a tremendous up swing in the demand for sustainable, eco-produced materials across both our flooring and furniture departments. It seems that ecologically conscious trendsetters are on a mission to combine both an eco-friendly lifestyle with their love of nature… their desire is to bring the warmth and earthy elements of the outside in, creating beautiful natural spaces that are also easier on your health.


Sourcing new ways to bring the natural world into the home is nowhere more evident than in the flooring industry. It’s true that the beauty of real wood floors is undeniable but these days people are pushing the ‘traditional light oak’ to one side and plumping for the vibrant rich tones and luscious graining of maple, cherry, birch and exotic hard woods. Bamboo, hemp, jute and seagrass are three other natural fibers that have hit British floors running and we agree with our eco-seeking customers when they tell us that there is nothing like the feel and warmth of naturally harvested materials beneath your feet.


Natural things are all about texture, grain and fascinating irregularities, which to many minds far exceeds the appeal of the colour and glitz of synthetic surfaces… but that is not to say that you can’t combine them both with a little skillful thought and planning. This only goes to show that naturally harvested materials, which are found everywhere, can be happily placed anywhere to create a sense of harmony in your home.


Wool is widely used in our industry and is highly prized for its resistance to staining and burning and noise regulating properties. Pure wool carpets are a popular choice and some even depict patterns drawn from the natural world in their designs (Brintons timorous beasties). One or two carpet companies even have their own sheep farms from which they gather their own home grown materials.

Mattresses are another area where natural rank high on the list and one or two bed companies also have their own farms producing plant materials such as hemp, cotton, and flax and animal fibers. Combined these with metal springs and sometimes foam and you have a mattresses that regulates heat, wicks moisture and provides support and comfort for a wonderfully natural nights sleep.


Leather must not be left off the list as it provide a marvelously breathable, soft yet robust upholstery material, that with proper treatment will last for years. The look of leather is unmistakable as is its signature smell. Our most popular leather purchases are a range of sleekly designed recliners and sofas with a strong Scandinavian influence and oodles of comfort… and of course with leather comes an abundance of colour…. from autumnal natural hues through to summery poppy and cornflower reds and blues


The great thing about wood is its versatility. We have cabinetry that ranges form rustic to modern and everything in between. There is something to suit all homes and of course it will do very well with all the other natural choices that you have made for your space. This time honored material never ceases to bring warmth, strength, durability and beauty to the table as well as natural charm. And did you know that wood can also be bent? One of our most popular British brands uses the shavings from the workshop floor to fuel their steam presses to shape each piece… now that’s recycling for you!


At Peter Green we are celebrating our customers’ leanings towards natural choices and your concern for your overall health and the environment. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are here to help steer you in the right direction whether it be stone, bone, metal, plant or animal fibers we can help you make the right ‘natural choices’.

2nd October 2020

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