How to Create a Sophisticated Trend-Proof Home

Clever buying can free you from being tied to a particular decade or a trend and by doing so you will avoid having to replace major pieces of furniture every few years because they are ‘out of date.’ If you select classic styles they will never age, at least not at the same rate as ‘faddy’ furniture and they will work with any look, keeping your house beautiful and flexible over the course of many years. So in essence plumping for timeless over trendy will keep your house looking beautiful throughout the years and save you money too!


Timeless furniture provides structure to a room, a blank canvas if you will, that can be changed-up to keep it looking fresh and new. Add a little personal style and a point of difference with your cushions, window treatments, wall art and ornaments, and you will have a brand new look, and all the while the ‘bones’ of your home will stay the same.


If you are aiming for a timeless look choose understated furniture with clean lines and go for a sophisticated look. Make sure you select furniture that is well made. You can spend a little more on your furnishings too, because after all you will be keeping it for much longer. Look for comfort and select neutral fabrics. If you want a little ornamentation then go for a nicely turned leg, a tufted back to your chairs or maybe a studded trim. Classic hardware is always a good choice such as cup style drawer-handles and ceramic knobs which never go out of style.


Symmetrical rooms are pleasant to look at and will give that classic look. Buy things in pairs to create matching halves to the room and place them around a single focal point such as a fireplace or a coffee table.


There are a few classic looks that keep coming back again and again. In the bedroom it would be the iron bed frame, for a long lasting romantic look which goes well in a cottage or a modern home. Pair with any modern mattress which can be changed every eight to ten years as recommend by the industry.

Metal bed frames whether brass, chrome, painted white or black or even untreated metal, make a dramatic statement in a bedroom and create a wonderful airiness to the room. The very nature of the material makes it strong, and if you choose well it should surely last a life time. Dress the bed with white bed linens for a truly timeless look but varying the textures with white cotton sheets, a white chenille bedspread, and a chunky knit or faux fur throw will add plenty of interest. A little lace wouldn’t go amiss either.


Rattan and wicker dates back to early Egypt and has stayed with us throughout the years. It adds warmth and textural interest to a room and can be seen everywhere from chairs, ceiling fans, bedroom furniture and even as design elements on sideboard fronts. It’s a great choice for that timeless feel.


Botanical designs, sometimes referred to as Chintz, hark back to the 1600s and has reappeared regularly ever since on wallpaper, curtain fabrics and sofas. It always gives a cozy, comfy country house look. Combine it with stripes and few dark mahogany pieces of furniture and you have an ultra classy pre-war apartment look that will last forever.


Upholstered seating has never gone out of style. Choose classic shapes such as a Chesterfield sofa, a wing-back chair or the old fashioned parlour favourite… the chaise lounge! Select tried and tested fabrics such as plush velvets, soft leathers and linens and you can’t go wrong. These pieces will add comfort and style to your living space for decades and will roll with the punches when it comes to changes in fashion.


Classic floors come in all shapes and sizes from a rustic wide planked wooden floor to wonderful Victorian ceramic tiles. Wood adds warmth and depth to a room and gives a romantic backdrop to your carefully chosen furnishings… but if natural materials are not for you and you prefer the easy clean and easy care approach to life, both the Victorian tiles and wood look can still be attained with quite hard wearing, scratch proof and durable luxury vinyl tiles or ‘LVT’.


Remember, with all these classic styles you can change the look of a room at the drop of a hat with the accessories you choose. Abstract paintings, and colourful art work will give a room a very different look over traditional art works. Mix in African carvings, porcelain figurines, hand flung pottery, blown glass, soft throws and pouffes, stools and rugs with unusual lighting choices for a devastatingly powerful style.  Be bold, be daring and be dramatic around your classic pieces and your whole room will spring to life…timelessly!

6th September 2021

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