Keeping it Clean!

Are your hard floors clean? Really Clean? Like Covid clean? The chances are that they are not because most floors cannot be kept as spotless as you might like. The textured surfaces of most flooring types trap dirt making it hard to remove. To keep a hard floor really free of contaminants and dirt it is recommended that you wash it frequently using disinfectants, but a rigorous routine like this will eventually wear away at the surface of a regular floor and ultimately destroy it.


PU flooring to the rescue…


PU flooring is a homogeneous vinyl that provides a smooth, resilient surface that is easy to clean and maintain, as well as being resistant to chemical damage. It meets the strictest hygiene standards making it an ideal choice for any area where cleanliness and infection control are of high importance. Many of these flooring types are P22 NHS approved as well.


Sounds boring!?! Well, look again.


PU flooring comes in a huge array of colours that can be mixed and matched to create a fantastic floor. With a bit of imagination you can create some really exciting designs not only on the floor but on the walls too, making for a totally safe environment. This is exactly what you would need in a school, office, hospital, surgery, salon or any other setting where people are to congregate. In fact if you are worried about cleanliness in your own home a PU floor could be great idea there too. Fit it in a kitchen, hallway, conservatory or bathroom, and places that have a lot of foot traffic that track in contaminants and need to be cleaned regularly.

If you don’t like PU from the stand point of the environment?… relax, we are on it!


We can find you products that are produced sustainably and are consequently carbon neutral. Made with recycled materials these products preserve natural resources whilst closing the loop on waste!  They help create healthy spaces with good air quality and at the same time reduce our impact on climate change.


While the world turns its attention to ‘clean’ we can help you turn your attention to ‘ultra clean’ with our exciting polyurethane flooring choices!

18th February 2021

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