Organic Modern - THE STYLE FOR YOU?

The Organic Modern look has been gaining traction in UK homes throughout the course of 2021. As the name suggests Organic Modern incorporates a blend of design styles to produce a fresh new look that is both comfortable and calming to the eye. The core of this style is rooted in classic Mid-Century modern designs, with a tad of bohemian, and a dash of Scandi in the mix. Although wildly different in origin these styles blend together nicely to create seemingly effortless, sophisticated, warm, and inviting spaces.


Broadly speaking the main colour palette for Organic Modern is focused on breezy whites and buttery creams, complimented by warm neutrals like tan, brown and beige. And for those of you who enjoy a little more colour in your home, don’t fret because Organic Modern does not have to be void of colour. You can incorporate rich earthy tones like vibrant burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep jades as well as soft leafy greens, or muted teals. Any metals should be warm in tone…like rustic-look copper, brass, or crisp powder coated rusty tones.


Organic Modern calls for the use of simple shapes and organic materials. A cotton covered sofa in a cozy neutral or in a bold earth tone would be perfect paired with a soft leather accent chair around a ‘live edge’ or root pedestal coffee table, all on a beautiful wool carpet …creating a lovely, clean and cozy interior. And because Organic Modern is so classic in style you will never have to worry about it going out of fashion, it will always be bang on trend!


If you want to introduce a pop of colour, plump for one boldly coloured piece of furniture placed centrally in the space and design the rest of the room around it. A rich pumpkin-coloured couch might be a good choice. To keep within the design style pair it with a luxurious cognac leather ottoman for example and an ivory armchair… pick up the pumpkin or the cognac again in the cushions and throws. Remember the key with organic modern style is to be intentional with the colours, as well as with materials.

Texture is important, so go for smooth leathers, organic knotted wools, polished and tinted concrete and traditional slubbed linens.


Organic Modern plays on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, an idea derived from Buddhist teachings, which encourages an appreciation of a natural beauty that is ‘imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.’ Organic, botanical shapes and natural elements of such things as a beautifully made clay pot, which may be somewhat asymmetric, crudely crafted pottery dinnerware or a plain rug with a simple off-centre abstract design are what’s important here. It is the contrast between this asymmetry and the modern aspect of this design style that makes this new look so appealing. It adds a human touch to a sleek look, which alone can sometimes appear a bit cold or spartan.


If you have a few Scandi or Mid-Century pieces in your home which look like they need an extra something, why not style it with a few organic elements like a hand thrown pot, silk cushion covers, chunky knit throws, a hand knotted rug, macrame plant holders or wall textiles? Bring a little of the outside in…drift wood, pebbles, shells, branches, antlers, pine cones. Add some crystals and plants you will have a whole new look and a light and airy feel for the dark winter days to come.

13th September 2021

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