The Hidden Assets and Secret Lives of Multi Faceted Furniture

Many small homes lack good storage solutions. If you are in this situation multifunctional pieces of furniture are a wise pick for you! Furniture pieces that can double up on tasks and save space at the same time are definitely a good buy. Just a few multifunctional pieces like this can have a big impact on your living space and compared to the cost of more visible wall storage and the space it takes up there is no comparison. We would like to share with you eight pieces of furniture that we all love at Peter Green. Each one has a  hidden secret that we think you might like to know about.

Hidden storage and space saving solutions from Hypnos Beds: Under the bed is a very underutilized space in most homes. In others the space between the mattress and the floor is crammed with plastic bags and boxes making it difficult to get to vacuum and creating an ideal breeding ground for ‘dust bunnies’. Hypnos are perhaps the masters of many bedroom secrets! Hypnos offer an array of hidden storage solutions with their divan bases. Their Easystore™ system provides a practical way to store items which are in regular use with heavy duty, easy pull drawers, fitted into the divan base. These unique drawers maximise storage space by using all available space under the bed and at the same time are upholstered with the divan base fabric so they remain concealed. As well as the Easystore™ system, Hypnos has many other hidden storage combinations as well as offering a concealed lockable metal safe built in beneath the bed rendering it out of the sightline of intruders and almost impossible to steal. Hypnos also have a range of Ottoman beds that are hinged so that the whole platform swings up revealing a huge space beneath to store all those winter woolies and ski gear. This solution that is probably the most  economical in terms of space but less convenient as everyone needs to be out of the bed before the storage can be accessed, which might be a little problematic in some households.  Hypnos as a company is very open to suggestions and some years ago a member of our own buying team worked with them to create the ‘super-storage base’, which was purpose-built to house one of our colleagues’ skis when out of season! Here, discreet weighted valances lift to reveal a huge storage area in the reinforced base under the mattress, with no moving parts necessary! The Trio Guest Bed by Hypnos is single bed, with a second bed hidden in the base, which pulls out and pops up to make up a double bed when needed…now thetas ingenious!

The Fawley Monk’s Bench: This rather ecclesiastically inspired piece of furniture in our exclusive Peter Green ‘Hampshire Collection’ is both a bench chair and a chest of drawers all in one. Made with solid oak and fine oak veneer this piece will last a lifetime. Placed in a hallway, bedroom, conservatory or orangery it provides a place to sit and tie your shoes or put on your boots or as extra seating. At the same time the drawers below can be used to store your gardening tools and apron, winter hats and gloves.

The Minster Storage stool and the Gaia Ottoman:  Storage foot stools or Ottomans are great! They can turn your chair or sofa into a recliner so that you can put your feet up and get comfortable with a book or while watching a movie.  They can also double up as a coffee table or extra side table when you put a sturdy tea tray on top. They can also provide a little extra seating when friends are over. But ottomans are doubly great when they have a lid and can be used as a storage box too. This is a wonderful place to store throws, toys, magazines and remotes, all those things that clutter your living room. Ottomans make tidying a breeze. We have a wide range of storage Ottomans of all shapes and sizes upholstered in vibrant, easy care, velours that will make a wonderful accent in any room.

The Natuzzi Alberobello Editions Table:

Q: When is a coffee table not a coffee table? A: When it is a supper table of course!

The Alberobello neatly falls into the supper table category. Posing as a very stylish coffee table when closed, one end of the table can slide back to reveal a hidden storage compartment beneath with enough space to store a whole stack of magazines and a whole collection of remotes…but wait! Thats not all! The other end can be raised up too! Revealing more hidden storage space… and if that is not enough for you… get this! The raised top then forms an elevated surface or ‘desk’ on which to place your lap top while you are working on the sofa, or to have supper while watching a movie! Hence the name!  We love this clever table which comes in a handsome walnut finish with angular chrome frame!

The Southwick Smart Desk: Is a must for your multi- media home office! Fully fitted with hidden charging pads and speakers which save desktop space, leaving your work surface clean of equipment and messy wires. The Southwick Smart Desk is packed with all the conveniences of modern life and has a sleek mid century modern design with elegant pin legs and comes in a variety of finishes that would be desirable in most homes. We love this little desk and so do our customers as it comes with quality Smart Speakers™, a wireless charging pad for your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, plus two USB ports. Whether you are listening to your favourite music or charging your phone whilst working from home, this desk brings your home office up to speed while at the same time saving on much needed space. BTW there is also a bedside table in this range which comes with similar built-in functionalities!

Skovby Model Sm32mb.This exquisite expandable circular table has three hidden self storing leaves. Rotating the table top in a circular fashion mechanically opens the table to reveal three expansion leaves hidden inside the central pedestal! This design is unique to Skovby and they have been making this popular table for many years. Even vintage ones hold their price very well. The modern version has an ultra Scandi look and comes in a variety of finishes to suit most homes. When the leaves spring up from their hiding place in the central pedestal they open out like the petals of a flower, increasing the size of the table two fold. What a clever space saving idea!

The Fitzroy Collection 150 by Parker Knoll: Handmade in Britain by the finest craftsmen and women at Parker Knoll who offer a huge range of contemporary recliners through to luxury classic upholstery designs.  But perhaps our favorite piece and arguably the most versatile piece in their range was first designed in the 1920’s. The Fitzroy Collection comprises of two sumptuous tub chairs and a footstool exquisitely upholstered in a combination of Art Deco fabrics (your choice) and reminiscent of the era of when this collection was first produced. The 150 Collection was brought back a few years ago as a commemorative piece honoring Parker Knoll’s 150th  anniversary. Made originally for the ocean liners of the 1920’s the collection was made with space saving in mind. Used separately the collection forms two comfortable chairs with sweeping backs and a bolster for support with a footstool on which you can rest your legs or place a tea tray. But put all three together, with one chair on each side of the stool, and Hey Presto!…they form a wonderful day bed or chaise designed for total relaxation! Back in the day Parker Knoll was commissioned by Cunard to furnish all the rooms of the ocean-going liners from the sofas and chairs, to beds and occasional furniture. The elegant Fitzroy chair and footstool combination was used in the common rooms, bars and lounges of these magnificent ships to provide seating and a place to take a few quiet zzzz’s far away from the madding crowds. What an amazing idea and what an amazing story! Thanks Parker Knoll!

The Ballatta Drinks CabinetThis stunning cabinet in pale oak is part of a range of flexible modern pieces from Ercol that will work in any choice of location in the home. This wonderful little cabinet has two discreet windows with a shelf on which to display your favourite glassware…but open up these doors and below you will find an Aladdin’s cave of shelves, drawers and a magnificent wine rack, with room to store liquor bottles, cocktail shakers and other bar paraphernalia. Behind the pared down timeless look of the Ballatta cabinet lies hidden all the playfulness and fun of the fifties, a time when entertaining at home was all the rage… and a little bird tells us that those days are back again!

Well there you have it, eight wonderful products… all with hidden features from Peter Green. Do visit us online or in store at our Chandler’s Ford Showrooms and we will gladly share more space saving secrets!

18th May 2021

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