Goldilocks and the Three Chairs

Once upon a time on the banks of a Norwegian Fjord, the story of the Stressless® chair began…


…and still today, nestled in this fairytale setting the Ekornes factory continues to produce one of the world’s most comfortable chairs. As its namesake suggests the Stressless® chair is legendary for comfort, and fabled for reducing stresses on both the mind and the body… providing the ultimate in relaxation.


However, the Stressless chair is not really one chair it is a whole range of chairs, which would take a picky little girl like Goldilocks a long afternoon of ‘trying them out for size.’  Most likely her first decision would whether to have a separate footstool or an integrated footrest and should that footrest be power assisted so it magically rises into place using a secret button? Whichever she should choose though, Goldilocks would be assured that her tiny little legs would be supported at “just the right” angle for a relaxing afternoon. 


The ergonomically designed Stressless chair provides maximum support for both neck and lumbar regions so whether Goldilocks decides to sit up and read her storybook or lie back and drift into the fantasy world of sleep she has no need to worry that her pretty little head full of yellow curls will be well supported, as the Stressless chair is designed to mysteriously adjust its seat and back angle in perfect harmony with her slender little body. Just like magic!


The story of the Stressless chair is a colourful one too, as it is offered in a number of grades of beautiful, easy care leathers each in a spellbinding range of vibrant colours, making it even harder for a little girl to choose.

Perhaps the most interesting twist to this tale is the each chair comes in three sizes… to fit three different body types and so Goldilocks is sure to have a happy ending to her shopping trip and find the one that is ‘just right’ for her delicate little frame.


So if you happen to have a Goldilocks in your family why don’t you bring her along to our industry leading Stressless® studio and we will help her find a chair that is not too big and not too small, but one that fits her just perfectly!

With our help you can create your very own ‘happy ever after’ at our  Chandler’s Ford showrooms.

19th July 2021

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