A Fabulous Frame or a Divine Divan…What’s Your Choice?

Shopping for a new bed can be a nightmare especially if you have no idea what you are looking for. Maybe the first question you might want to ask yourself is “do I want a bed frame or a divan and what’s the difference between a bed frame and a bedstead?”


Perhaps you already know all the answers, but if you don’t, we don’t want you to lose any sleep over it.


In a nutshell, a bed frame and a bedstead are the same thing. They are both sleeping platforms, usually with a head end and a foot end and legs…think ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’. However, in reality bedsteads are not supposed to fly up in the air but should form a stable base on which to place a bed base, mattress or both.


A divan sometimes referred to as a box spring based bed is just that, an upholstered box with springs. The divan forms a platform for your mattress and it may be fully sprung giving you additional bounce or it can be a more rigid flat surface providing firmness and support.


So which one should you choose? On a comfort level, there is not much difference. A mattress with a base on a bed frame would perform in much the same way as a fully sprung divan.


Similarly placing a mattress onto a bedstead platform would function much like a solid divan platform. In the end, it all boils down to a matter of taste and space.

Divans are more economical on space. The base is the same size as the mattress and is therefore ideal for a smaller footprint. A bedstead however, will often take up considerably more bedroom space.


Divans often have options such as drawers and ottoman storage below, which are great space savers too. Bedsteads are free-standing and give a more airy feel to a room and they most certainly fit well into a Feng Shui bedroom where storing things under the bed is frowned upon.


In some ways divans are more versatile, they are often on castors and can be moved easily for cleaning and the headboard also can be replaced, if you want to go for a new look in the room. Bed frames on the other hand come in many more styles, colours and materials and give a bold statement to any bedroom. With a bed frame you can choose virtually any mattress you want (although you might need a little professional help to get your selection right) but divans are sold in sets with both the base and the mattress made to work together, which limits your options a little more.


So choosing between a divan and a bed frame can be a very personal and functional choice… the only thing you really need to ensure is that the mattress you purchase is designed to work with the base you want and we are here to help you do that.


Sweet dreams!

26th July 2021

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