Renaissance or Romantic? What Bed Type Are You?

Did you know that the bed you choose for your bedroom can speak volumes about your personality? 


There are few pieces of furniture in your home that are as big as your bed and none are used as much or as often… so your bed can make a huge statement about who you really are. Inviting someone into your inner sanctum might reveal more about your inner thoughts and desires than you imagined! 


If you find yourself gravitating towards a metal bed frame this may be a sign that you have a sensible, no-nonsense disposition and you maybe a little frugal with your expenditures, because metal beds tend to be more reasonably priced compared to other bed types. At the same time a metal bed shows you have a flair for maintaining a beautiful décor. If the metal is unfinished it can signal a leaning towards efficiency, utilitarianism and modern thinking, whereas the intricate curves of a wrought iron bed can denote a more artistic nature. If you crave a brass bed, however, it says something totally different about you. The brightness of the metal speaks of someone who likes to draw attention to themselves, you are more likely a ‘Renaissance’ personality with a deeply romantic side. A painted metal bed signals a more nostalgic disposition which is quietly in love with the past.


For those that have a passion for a wooden bed frames, this can indicate that you have a more classical side to your nature. Whether you choose an intricately carved bed or a more simple design a wooden bed tells those who peep into your boudoir that you have a need to feel important and cared for. A tall wooden headboard suggests that you maybe you want to feel protected or that perhaps there is an air of authority about you.

The minimalists amongst you will chose a simple wooden design constructed with one solid piece of timber or a slatted head and footer. Country types will go for a more a robust, rustic design complete with bedposts and bed-knobs and nature lovers will favour something with a live edge headboard, maybe with bow tie inlays and lots of natural graining. 


Upholstered bed frames and divan sets are for the most extravagant amongst us and shows a tendency towards expensive taste. This style of bed gives you a sense of empowerment and unleashes the Emperor or Empress within you. Bubbly, energetic, sociable personalities will embrace the bright and bold colours in a variety of plush fabrics, and of course the more passionate types will always opt for scarlet! The ‘Old souls’ and romantics among us will go for faded dusty pinks and baby blues especially favouring soft velvets. Neutral grays and creams are perfect for those who want to reflect and meditate, as they are calming to the mind and sooth the soul. If you choose natural materials such as linen or cotton it denotes a need to be in touch with the ecosystem and a high regard for your health and wellbeing, while still enjoying all comforts that an upholstered bed has to offer.


The furniture and fabrics you choose can say a lot about your personality so reading your bed can be much like analyzing your handwriting in terms of determining who you really are underneath. 


We hope you have enjoyed this piece of whimsy and we will have fun finding the right bed for you. Remember, our experts are always here to help!

29th July 2021

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