The increasing interest in ‘CottageCore’ décor

What is ‘CottageCore’ and why is it getting so big now?

As the name suggests this lifestyle, fashion and interiors trend derives from a desire to add charm and coziness to one’s home, stemming from the idealised perception that cottage or countryside living must lead to gentler, calmer lives.

Dear old Blighty is at the very heart of this global trend too – the nostalgia, charm and gentility of the British countryside village is recognised and lusted-after from China to the Americas – as the growing trend in CottageCore among those more developed regions shows.

Why now?

Because the pandemic has made many of us look inwardly at our living spaces and our subconscious needs to feel safe, protected and comfortable have driven us to add that coziness and comfort by transforming our spaces – no matter where they are and what size – into sanctuaries where we can escape for a time. Recognising the joy and simplicity of otherwise common tasks is part of this movement too, lazily sipping fresh lemonade in the garden, baking some nice cheese scones over the course of a whole morning, idly crocheting that bonnet for one of the neighbours’ kids, picking strawberries or foraging for herbs. All these things evoke a simpler, safer life and give us pause to reflect on the recent past, maybe a time when many of us have re-set some priorities and re-kindled previously cool relationships.


So how does this translate to interiors? Well while it doesn’t mean we are all able to escape to the country and suddenly live in an idyllic cottage by a beautiful babbling stream, inside our homes the CottageCore aesthetic means bringing in more of a ‘farmhouse’ feel to living spaces. Rustic in places, functional and sturdy in others, including more prevalent use of houseplants, dry flower sprays and bringing vintage objects to the fore as features instead of being tucked away. But this doesn’t mean unnecessary clutter, in fact a coordinated look is vital to adding just the right amount of character to create a CottageCore feel – neutral tones and colours on walls and floors, framing bolder but equally natural feature visuals.

Think leafy-print cushions, casually flung (though deliberately placed!!) woven throws, flowery wall art, delicate vintage ceramic dishware – perhaps a flowing floral “milkmaid’s” dress hanging from a parlour door. Even the Royal Horticultural Society is commenting on the trend, citing it as a key influence in the upsurge in ‘Cottage Gardening’ techniques being learned by the green fingered among us.


There are few more rustic sights than muddled sets of up-turned wellington boots on a rack of boot-poles just outside the back door, maybe with a basket of fresh picked blackberries nearby waiting to come in to the kitchen to be prepared!


In terms of furniture, we see a noticeable upswing in the use of sturdy, solid, wooden free-standing pieces – from robust bedsteads, chests and wardrobes, to stout kitchen units, islands, dining sets and wine racks, of course. Well, they enjoy wine in the country too, right?


Oaks, Pines and Ash, with real wood grains given their moment in the spotlight, are all used freely here. No high-gloss laminates or arrow-straight edges in sight! Larger surface areas such as sideboards and consoles are tastefully filled – but not cluttered – for example by adding a pile of vintage books in one corner, a wicker basket here, a garden trowel and fork there. Deliberately disordered, rather than messy. We see an increasingly eclectic mix of pieces being used too – some painted furniture placed with plain wood. Darker tones like Mahogany juxtaposed with lighter finishes such as Honey-Oak. Any combination is fair game in your own interpretation of the romance of CottageCore.


The CottageCore movement embraces a simpler time and a more sustainable lifestyle – one which is more in tune with the natural world. From influencers and opinion leaders like megastars Taylor Swift and Millie Bobby Brown, through huge interest on TikTok, Insta and Social Media, to many of us simply focusing more on our humble homes during various lockdowns, the CottageCore trend has taken on a new life during the pandemic and this looks set to continue as we have all learned to enjoy spending more time in our own surroundings. Our furniture, flooring and interiors experts can help you create the perfect look for your own little slice of country-living, just give us a call to start your CottageCore journey.


Meantime, good luck home-baking that delicious Foccacia bread on the weekend..!

10th August 2021

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