The Late Summer Garden

Apart from a little pruning and deadheading, late summer is the time to sit back add enjoy the fruits of your spring and early summer gardening activities.


Including seating areas in your garden is as important as the gardening its self, it gives you a little space to reflect, relax and admire your handiwork! Seating areas can be tucked away, creating a little surprise to visitors when they explore and of course offering a little privacy too…or they can be in a more focal spot where you can survey your works like a painter would his canvas.


Whichever you choose you can integrate your seating area with your plantings so that they look natural. Maybe a little brick or stone could form the base if you are planning to have a table. If not you can set up pretty much anywhere. For a permanent spot consider the sun, if you are a sun lover pick somewhere where you will get sun all day and at all times of the year. If you like the shade then place it under some trees or where you are able to benefit from the shade cast by the house.


As a rule of thumb a three-metre square should be ample room to seat four or maybe even six people. You can get away with smaller area if there are fewer people, or if the furniture is dainty.


You may also be able to keep the patio to a small size if you are able to overspill onto the lawn or you can even put down an outdoor rug to extend the area. A little trellis can provide some privacy if you need some.


Are you going to sit or lounge? If you prefer to sit then a permanent wooden or iron bench is ideal for short stays to reflect, but is not a likely place for you to curl up with a good book.

If this is your idea then there are some lovely rattan seating arrangements which are waterproof so they can be left out all season and have wonderfully comfortable cushions with weather resistant covers… and why not double up and bring them into your conservatory for winter seating?


If storage is a problem then a folding set might be the answer for you. Whatever you choose, this is the season to go shopping for your garden furniture because you can get some great deals at the end of summer sales!

16th August 2021

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